Enterprising with a difference.

Omme International Enterprises works across three different industries; business operations, foreign film and events.

Our business operations includes the most basic of support through to the more complex working environments. It could be some of the work is too small for an agency, or unsuitable for posting on job sites due to your tight time frame. This is where we can help.

Kino Mania specialises in the overseas Russian film market. By working closely with film distributors, Kino Mania simplifies the process by using first class language translation and promoting to the Russian community directly.

Finally, PUSHing creative boundaries with 'Push Events', we play host to some spectacular and jaw dropping occasions. Our team also work closely with clients to develop from concept to reality. 

Last minute help is always here.


Our skilled casual staff database covers marketing, corporate video and audio production, film production, copywriting, project management, social media  management, creative projects and art work... 

Push Events are a super creative team, bringing to life the most ambitious of ideas. 

If you need help with your event, including staffing, please get in touch.

We are pleased to confirm our recent partnership with Kino Mania Productions.


By working closely with Russian film distributors (based outside the UK), Kino Mania are able to present a wide range of films to commercial outlets and run their own events.

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